What did you have for breakfast? Pan da!

In case you’re wondering, pan means bread in Nihongo. And the title came from one of the many panda jokes from this Jdrama called Love Shuffle (if I remembered it right). This drama series was the first thing that came to mind when I read an online article about this recently opened restaurant in SM Megamall.

Rio and I were supposed to meet at SM MOA to check out the Travel Mart in SMX and then go shoe hunting for a friend’s wedding, but we’re both late on our agreed meeting time so we decided to just go shoe hunting in SM Megamall instead. We went to one store after another and saw lots of stuff not related to shoes (we get distracted easily lol). To make the long story short, Rio was able to buy a pair while this hopelessly undecided noona ended up with nothing.

Suffice it to say that we were starving by noontime. I mentioned to Rio about this restaurant called Yo! Panda so we’ve decided to have lunch there (and saved the time thinking where to eat).

We arrived at the restaurant at around 1PM. There were only a few customers so we found a seat immediately. The server handed us a menu and the great debate on what to order begun. XD

Our orders arrived after a couple of minutes. The food are served up in those pretty black ceramic bowls that we wanted to take them home (#tita). The first dish we ordered was the Scallion Chicken Chop (PHP230) upgraded with Salted Egg Butter Rice (additional PHP40). The saltiness of the egg was adequately balanced by the creamy butter flavor yet the rice was not greasy at all. The chicken was crunchy on the outside while tender on the inside and definitely goes well with the rice. I’m not a rice person but at that time I felt like ordering another serving of the salted egg butter rice.

Look at that gooey yolk! 😀

Next is the Crispy Pork Chop w/ Cheese Sauce and Noodles (PHP280).  The pork chop was well seasoned and tender. It also goes well with the rice, just saying. And the creamy cheesy noodles! The sauce has that mild cheesy flavor but not enough to make the noodle dish salty. I think I may have found the dish that will satisfy my pancit canton cravings.

Each dish also comes with a sunny side up egg; the runny yolk adding another layer of flavor to the dishes. Before we know it we were scraping the bottom of the bowls for the last bits of the rice and noodles. Hehe.


When we placed our orders earlier, Rio and I were contemplating if we’d order a third dish. Good thing we didn’t or else we won’t have space for dessert. We asked the server for the dessert we ordered: Matcha Vanilla Soft Serve Bubble Waffle (PHP180). The bubble waffle is cooked upon order so our tummies had some time to breathe before the main event.

I have heard about bubble waffles for a while but this is the first time I’m trying it. It tastes just like a waffle but has more crunch, thanks to the egg-shaped puffs. It’s quite a challenge to eat so what we did at first is tear a piece of those egg puffs, slather it with the creamy vanilla soft serve, and then pop it into our mouths. I would have preferred the entire dessert to be drowning in matcha but there was enough powder to complement everything. I really enjoyed munching on this combination of warm waffle with the cool soft serve.

That afro panda yo

Overall my tummy was really happy with all the dishes we had. I would love to return here and try the other items on their menu. 🙂


Yo! Panda
4/F SM Megamall Bldg A


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