I’m not one to post often in social media but i have seen a lot of #travelgoals #squadgoals #insertwhatevergoals posts online. But this #relationshipgoals i saw irl and just in time for the love month. 😉

It was the day after Valentine’s when i left the office early for some errands. I was not in a hurry to get home so i decided to drop by the mall and eat merienda. I went to the foodcourt, bought snacks, and sat on one of the many empty chairs available. After some time i noticed this elderly couple in front of me.

They had a bunch of food on the table: spaghetti, burger, a box of funshots (you can guess where they bought their food now 😉 ), a glass of softdrinks. The lady was eating the spaghetti while the guy was eating a burger. But i noticed that half of the burger is on the table. Of course it was rude to stare so i carried on eating my own food. After a couple of minutes i glanced their way again and saw that the guy was eating the spaghetti and the lady was eating the other half of the burger. Awww. Needless to say they also shared the chicken and softdrinks.

While Valentine’s day is probably one of the most commercialised celebrations in recent times, this lovely couple is an example that #relationshipgoals is not always the extravagant things that we see on tv or online. Sometimes the little things such as sharing a simple meal is enough. ❤


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