Before I Die

I have unearthed this bucket list from my old blog and updated it. In no particular order:

Go scuba diving
 Join a fun run
Learn how to tread in water
Swim with the wild (stingless jellyfish, whalesharks)
Go on a safari
Travel solo
Treat my parents to an out of town trip
Try couchsurfing
See the Northern Lights
Watch the fireflies
Go skydiving
Experience hanami in Japan
A hot air balloon ride (in Cappadoccia?)
Visit Machu Picchu
Eat freshly made noodles
Take archery lessons
Learn to play an instrument
Buy my own home
Take yoga lessons
Get a tattoo
Climb Mt Pulag
Sleep under the stars
Watch L’Arc~en~Ciel live


Fly an ultralight plane
Watch EXO live