I’m craving for chicken, oppa!

Dining at Oppa! Chicken in BGC is probably the only time i can use the word oppa. Why? Because this noona’s bias is several years younger that’s why (#fangirlnoonaproblems). This moment is made possible by the EXO’rDIUM* ticket selling my friends and i went to that day. 😀

Where can i find this oppa?

Oppa! Chicken is located next to KPub BBQ. From Market! Market!, my friends and i walked through BGC High Street and crossed the street to The Fort Strip (good thing it was a bit cloudy that day). The restaurant is housed in a two-storey building where the main dining area is in the second floor. The dining area is spacious, which is probably emphasized by the wall-to-ceiling glass window on one side that lets in a lot of ambient light and gives the customer a nice view of the surrounding area.

I imagine there’s still a lot of space available even when it’s the lunch rush

Oppa, it’s snowing!

We might not have winter here in the country but it’s snowing cheese in Oppa! Chicken. Lol. Snowing cheese is one of the flavors available in their chicken dishes; the other flavors are soy garlic, sweet and spicy, and salt and pepper. They also have crispy baked chicken and oven roasted chicken. Since there were three of us, we decided to order half Snowing Cheese (PHP280/8 pcs) because cheeeese (plus each of us gets to have more than two chicken hehe). Too bad they don’t have the option to have different flavors in one order.

Where’s that snow blanket of cheese?

We were pretty much excited how the cheese-flavored chicken would taste like but when our order arrived it didn’t look like snowing cheese, more like a drizzle. But nonetheless, the chicken was cooked to a crisp outside but still tender inside and the flavor is evenly spread throughout the chicken. I also like the cheese flavor because it’s not too salty and it’s not the usual chemical orange color of your common cheese powder. I can probably eat this chicken all day.

And in case you’re wondering, nope, we didn’t order beer to go with our chicken but it’s available on the menu (there’s also soju).

Give me tons of water and i’ll be fine

If you’re not craving for chicken you can try their Rib Plates (PHP249 to PHP299), Padak (chicken breast fillet with onion leaks, PHP360), Bulzaso (chicken coated in bulzaso sauce, PHP360), Golbange (spicy cold pasta, PHP380) and a number of side dishes.

It was a really filling and satisfying meal. So if you find yourself in BGC and you want to eat somewhere other than the usual Korean fast food, you know where to find oppa. 😉

*In other news, EXO’rDIUM is happening this weekend and my EXO babies are arriving today! Kyaaa!! I’m so excited askjdaldkj XD


Oppa! Chicken
The Fort Strip, 28th Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City